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  1. [SOLVED] weird stuff?

    Ok this is going to sound weird but who have I offended with a thread about statistics? Yesterday I outlined a discussion about statistics, where I had a different opinion from two other people, maths minor and engineering major about certainty and whether it is of any use in applied probability/statistics, I said yes it was, temperature and the Schrodinger equation demonstrate that even in the quantum and classical world it is possible to find certainty and in pure maths using limits it obviously is.

    Now I realise I probably put it in the wrong forum and it was moved, but then when it got no interest: fair enough - people don't have to post about anything. Ok I thought not a subject of interest to anyone so asked for it be closed, and instead the mods deleted it?

    Now I may sound paranoid, but it sounds to me that that thread upset someone, so much so that they deleted it? If that's the case explain why, if not can someone put it back and just close it? As there's nothing intrinsically evil about it as far as I can see? :smile: And you never know someone might pm me an answer. By the way the argument still rages, but they refuse to accept that prob/stat deals with certainty in any but trivial ways. Stubborn as mules. :smile: Or I and a physics grad are just dead wrong. :biggrin:
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  3. Doc Al

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    Are you saying that a thread you created yesterday was deleted? (I don't see evidence of this.)
  4. Doc Al

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    Was it a thread titled "Probability and certainty", posted in Number Theory? (Which you had asked to have closed, for some reason.) Looks like someone might have hard-deleted it.
  5. Yep I'm just wondering why? I never asked them to do that, I just asked if they would close it as there was no interest? So :confused:
  6. Doc Al

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    Beats me. Probably someone just deleted it by mistake. (We rarely hard-delete threads.) Or misinterpreted your request to close the thread as a request to delete the thread. (Why would we close a thread? Just let it die on the vine, like all the others.)
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  7. That's what I mean, I expected to come back and find it wasting away or closed, but hard deleted? It was like I dreamt it? :smile:

    Anyway I presume that thread is now lost forever?
  8. Evo

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    I didn't do it! You can still find it cached on Google.'s+Dog&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=2&gl=us
  9. Smashing well that's all sorted then. Besides I think the answer is kind of self evident anyway, and they're just being dense, but an expert opinion would of been nice. :biggrin:
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