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Weird theory

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    There is this theory going around that matter and waves are synonymous, matter is a form of wave. Has anyone heard of, or can collaborate this theory?
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    You wouldn't happen to be meaning quantum mechanics?
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    This is a well known topic and indeed it can be collaborated. Light has both a 'wavelike' and a 'particlelike' nature and both can be shown by experimentation (eg Twin slit diffraction and Photoelectric effect.)

    Similarly with matter particles - they also behave like both particles and like waves. Indeed, if electrons didn't have wavelike properties, electron microscopes wouldn't work!

    Look up 'De Broglie' on Google, as well as the two experiments I mention above.

    Physics is VERY counter-intuitive sometimes.. but you get used to it!
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    "This is a well known topic and indeed it can be collaborated."

    I think you mean "corroborated"!
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