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Welcome Me

  1. Jan 10, 2016 #1
    That's a very big gif, I lowkey feel dumb because I have no idea how do I resize this big thing where are the strike tags what is happening I am embarrassing myself that's what's happening I'm so-

    Alright, HELLO.
    I'm a fetus on here so excuse me if I don't match your levels, I mean you gotta give the noob some time ok.

    6 things you absolutely need to know about me:
    • i like being called sian (aka call me sian)
    • i am 15
    • i am ready to spend the entire earnings of my life to adopt every single pug in the world
    • i have a favourite band called green day
    • i love astrophysics so much asdfghjkl
    • i am kinda obsessed with poot lovato

    6 things you absolutely do not need to know about me:
    • i sleep with curtains half open
    • the song bohemian rhapsody reminds me of the sydney opera house for some reason
    • i love pugs but i've never had one
    • i've written till 1 in the morning
    • i wish i was a dog sometimes
    • my favourite time is 2:37 AM
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    Welcome to PF!
  4. May 21, 2016 #3
    Hi, sian.
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