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Welcome to Vvexpo

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    Vvexpo is a professional service platform for exhibition & promotion and is also a professional show and promotion consultant. Till now, VVEXPO has served so many enterprises with Online Show Services (dynamic website), Show in Real Expo services (professional exhibitors), Real Video Show in Hall (global synchronization view), Brand Promotion Activities (in show and Expo ) and Business Matching Service (form trade circle). Right now, VVEXPO provides it's good service to more than 10000 members, more than 100,000 professional buyers worldwide and has successfully organized more than 50 professional exhibitions.If you are a buyer, you can become VVEXPO Registered Member to get more good products from seller,join in professional buyers tour and release your purchasing information(Free Application).
    Free Application: http://ent.vvexpo.cn/register_en.html [Broken]
    If you are a seller, you can be VVEXPO Global Member ( USD998.00) to sell your products to new markets,to promote your products and to show your brand worldwide.
    Free Application: http://ent.vvexpo.cn/register_en.html [Broken]

    VVEXPO holds an event of My Brand Show(event time: May 1, 2010 —July30,2010),When you apply to become VVEXPO Global Member during this event, you can get VVEXPO trade tools as follows:
    You can get promotion in China and get ONE LAPTOP with WIFI and digital video camera with high quality (valued USD336) to help you easily access the Internet and show with live video

    You are welcome to be VVEXPO member and let's create a great future together.

    Thank & regards,

    Vvexpo Team
    Service Web Site: www.vvexpo.com[/url] [PLAIN]www.vvexpo.cn [Broken]
    Service Hot-Line: 0086-755-83037183 83037236 88250894Service Fax: 0086-755-83037132
    Service Mail: service@vvexpo.com (Int'l member) service@vvexpo.cn (China Member)

    May 6, 2010
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