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Welded joint design books

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    Can anyone recommend a good book on weld design?

    I'm not looking for a general textbook on welding. I want something that specifically targets the design of joints and weld choices. Something like the welding chapter of Shigley's Mechanical Engineering Design, just much more in depth.
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    You might take a look at the American Welding Society, they publish a set of engineering standards which cover in fine detail nearly every aspect of welding. They also publish set of reference books which cover engineering aspects as well: AWS Bookstore.


    Here's a useful list of some of the standards they publish:
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    Omer Blodgett is probably the best known engineer in the Weld Engineering community. Although he recently passed away, his work can be found through "Design of Welded Structures" and "Design of Weldments." There is a course taught by Duane Miller of Lincoln Electric that also provides great insights into the design of weld joints. AWS D14.4 is also a good reference for the design of weld joints. Good Luck!!
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    Lincoln welding has several good books at very reasonable prices.
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