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Well, hello there.

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    Hello. You can call me Raiden :D
    I was bored and was researching Theoretical, particle and nuclear physics as usual. You know, schwarzchild radius, tokamak fusion reactors, antimatter, etc... And I thought:
    Where could I ask questions about this stuff?
    I automatically thought: Forums. You see, I'm an administrator on a DarkRP server and have an account on its forums. But, I doubt the people there would like to discuss physics.
    So, I googled, and here I am.
    A little bit about myself. Told you about the admin business.
    I'm 14, a GCSE student and aspiring to get a PhD(Theoretical Physics, Nuclear Physics, I'll see what I'm best in.). Not an easy task, I know. But I'll fight to get it.
    So, you'll see me around the nuclear physics section a lot, I guess. If you have knowledge there, I'd love you to give me an explanation in a few things :D
    See you there.
    ps: My favorite greek letter is λ
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    Welcome to PF Raiden!
  4. Jan 7, 2015 #3
    Thank you for your hospitality :D
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