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Well Physicist?

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    Well.. Physicist?? :)

    Hi all, my name Shahin (known as Shah),
    I'm from Australia, and recently I've found i really enjoy
    physics! :P.. anyway, i was just hoping (I'm only in year 8)
    someone could give me an insight into the job of a
    Physicist and tell me what requirements i need (Australian
    requirements if possible :)
    I have a very high general knowledge level, but i really want to
    be good at something specific, and frankly, physics is very
    interesting to me! This is probably what you guys would call
    a "glory hunter" but i'd like to work at Cern.. HAHAHAHAAAA!!
    any replies would be verrryyy helpful!
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    Re: Well.. Physicist?? :)

    thanks mate thats a PERFECT thread for me :)
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