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News Well race fans, I think we have our creator(Finally)

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    The Kansas board of education's incessant need to replace real science with some untestable ideal of a 'creator' (AKA God) who guides the fate of man and beast by gently tweaking the DNA strands as he/she/they/it deems necessary will be taking a backseat to the theory of the spaghetti monster.

    I guess you could call this fighting fire with fire or rather pseudo-science with spaghetti :devil: .

    Read up, enjoy, have fun.

    Oh, and those of you who buy into string-theory well, the noodles(stings) of the spaghetti monster have you covered :biggrin:.
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    I loved this:
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    I am waiting for Shrub to suggest Intelligent Fission:
    So how many of you are not laughing and think this is a possibility? :eek:
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    Works the other way around too: Maybe the same God thought there were too many sinful people in the WTC, and hey, turned away when these guys were flying an airplane into it ... :uhh:
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