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Well type manometer

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    In a reservoir of a well type manometer, the sealing liquid is mercury having a weight density of 132.5 KN/m^3. If the area of the well is 0.02m^2 and that of the tube is 40mm^2. Calculate the height of the measuring column if the applied differential pressure is 70KN/m^2.

    Relevant formulae: P1-P2
    =ρ.m(g)(h)(a2/a1 + 1)

    Attempt at question.

    70=132.5(9.81)(h)(0.00004/0.02 + 1)


    Set up is similar as shown below

    The answer provided is 527mm. I can't spot any mistakes in my calculations too.
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    Well, for one thing, you don't need the factor of 9.81 since that is already included in the "weight density" 132.5kN/m^3.

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    Hey thanks alot for pointing that out! Didn't realise I've made such a silly error. :D
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