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Welllllll I am asked to do this!

  1. Oct 10, 2005 #1
    Welllllll,,,I am asked to do this!

    I have been asked to take two classes ,with 80 students.
    One of Electrodynamics,and one of Integral Calculus.The school is one in which i studied,and i just went there to met my teachers and they offered me to tak two lectures.

    I think,i can feel nervous during the class,I wanna hear you so that i can come up with my best shot.
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    One more thing i am back home.And for the past two days i haven't even talked to GND.I don't know how(!) eventually i lost interest in her,i don't find her attractive by a trace any more.I believe what happened to me was just infatuation.
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