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We're Selling Our Puppy :-(

  1. Sep 11, 2008 #1
    We're selling our puppy, and she may be gone by tonight. We've only had her for three weeks, but I was around her a lot, and I just feel so sad giving her away. I'm going to miss her so much. :frown: I'm going to miss running around with her outside, and her falling asleep on me.

    Has anyone else had to sell their dog before?
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    Sell? no. Shoot, yes. Eat, yes (pet turkey). Give away, yes. You've only had her for three weeks. You'll get over her even quicker.
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    Did you breed her to be sold?
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    Never sold a pet. I've given away a few that had conflicts with other pets and only to people who seemed trustworthy and knowledgeable enough to care for them properly. When we had ferrets, we rescued some from some pretty bad situations and they didn't always integrate well with the tribe that we had, so we had to find homes for them. The toughest one was to find a home for two little females who had bonded and were inseparable. Placing one animal is an exercise in responsibility - placing two can be tougher.
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    I wish someone would have found a place for my ferret. I hated my ferret. Little jerk used to hide under the couch and attack your toes. The neatest thing about him was that he would play SO hard and get so worn out that he would be running around, then all of a sudden fall over, sound asleep.
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    Like my last ferret, Turbo. He had two speeds - "turbo" and "coma".
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    You've only had her three weeks? If she's already running around with you, then she wasn't born there (3 week old puppies are a bit more sleepy than that...and shouldn't be adopted out that young). Did you adopt a puppy that you're now selling, and if so, why? I can't imagine that.

    The only pet we ever gave away was one guinea pig who didn't get along with his brother. We kept the rest of the litter. The one we gave away, we gave to my aunt, but the poor fellow had to find a third home because my aunt's dog wouldn't leave him alone. :frown:

    I'd never consider fostering pets for a shelter, because I don't think I'd ever be able to give them away once I had them. Same with raising seeing-eye dogs. I have friends who have done that...they do all the housebreaking, socializing, general obedience training stuff, then if they pass their test, the puppies go on for the real training. I had a hard enough time with my friends' dogs going away after I got attached to them, I could never manage to hand one over that I actually took in myself.
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    She's a little over three months old.
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    I couldn't imagine ever giving a pet away. I get so attached that I try to work any problem out. I just can't fathom the behaviour they'd have to exhibit for me to give them away :frown:
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    Sorry to hear that.

    We had a mouse that would literally EAT other mice, one of its "companions" we found with only half of its flesh, that killer mouse eventually died, but not by our hands...
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    Buy it!

    If I had a puppy I would just make extra money/eat less so that puppy can be with me :approve:
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    aw, rootX, are you trying to break my heart?
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    Why are you selling her?
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    Sad, rootx, and bittersweet. Why is it that animal stories are so touching?
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    It's really bitter! I had two dogs around that age (~7-10) and I also asked many "Why" questions :shy:
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