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News Were you all aware that the Draft has been reinstituted?

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    I'm not sure if this is true but a friend told me a friend of his (just over 18) recieved a draft notice to report to the nearest induction center. The reinstitution was bandied about in the press for awhile but I didn't think they would do it and now it seems to have happened with hardly, if any publicity.
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    are you sure it wasn't a ploy to get him to sign up for the military? before my fiance was officially discharged last year, (he was inactive for the reserves) he received all kinds of letters from the local recruiting center to get him to make his status active...i am sure if it was reinstated, it would be huge news.
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    I'm not sure.

    There were/are rumors that there are not enough people signing up voluntarily and being that our military services are stretched very thin I wouldn't be suprised.
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    It's not so much the size, as much as it is the areas deployed to. We would have thousands of more troops mobile if Rumsfeld's plans were put into order. Presently we keep troops in germany, when we know the Russian threat is gone. However, the removal of those troops would completely destroy the economies of two German cities (that were built up around the bases). It's a political game as well as a militaristic one.
    By the way, there is no draft right now.
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    Every male American citizen is required to report to the Selective Service. If for some reason there was a question about someone's paperwork, they might have to report in person. Or, of course, some recruiter could be scamming him, they are known to do it towards the end of the quarter.
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    Uh, no. He probably misunderstood the selective service registration form he got (could also be an underhanded recruiter).

    No. There will not be a draft any time soon: only in the event of a world war.

    As for Germany: yeah, we really need to get our troops out. The German economy can handle itself.
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    I've got a funny Selective Service story...I registered with it when I turned 18. About 18 months later, I enlisted. About a year after that, my parents started getting threatening mail from the SS, saying that I had not registered, and I would be in deep doo-doo if I didn't. I called them, 3-4 times, to explain that not only had I registered, but that I was currently on active duty, which to me seemed to negate the whole need for it. Well, they got my new address, and forwarded the threatening letters to Camp Lejeune. So, I re-registered with them, and thought I was fine. Within 6 months of my separation, I started getting the threatening mail AGAIN! At this point, I'm 23 years old, I've served 4 years active duty and am technically still in the reserves, and I'm STILL being harassed to sign up for the draft!

    I'm amazed to this day that I didn't go down to someone's office and knock their lights out...
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    What was your MOS?
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    0844-Fire Direction
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    That is funny, considering I didn't sign up until I was 21, and I've never once recieved a letter.

    Its a conspiracy.
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    Not to worry, the same people made a career move into the INS, received a visa request from a certain xxxxx, and approved it. IIRC, he was one of the infamous 15 from Saudi Arabia :wink:

    {no, I'm not privy to special info; it's my feeble attempt at a jk}
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