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Weting beds

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    im a father of a baby girl. she is now 12 months. she wets the bed evry morning, i has to be up all night some times to keep an eye on her, some times she wets my body too.
    only curious question.
    why do babies wet the bed ? wht do those babes think in mind when sleping?

    thank u
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    :uhh: I think this is pretty common. Most people I know make sure their babies go to bed freshly diapered.
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    I wouldn't worry about it until she is at least 5 or 6. I am pretty sure that diapers should take care of the problem until then.

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    I don't think children are developed yet to potty-train until 2 years old, on average children are potty-trained by 3 years of age, so probably you can start at age 2.5. You need to be patient.
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    Yep, pretty common. That's why they make those "overnight" diapers now that can absorb more to avoid leaking onto the bed, but even those don't always guarantee anything. Monique is pretty much right, that until sometime between 2 and 3, they just haven't learned bladder control yet, plus their body is growing so quickly, there are times when their urine output from a larger body will be a bit ahead of their bladder size (I've been told this is the reason why boys tend to wet their bed more than girls when they get a bit older, like 6 or 7 yrs old...some sort of lag in growth of the bladder relative to growth of their body). Not much to do about it other than to put an extra waterproof pad on the mattress and make sure you're using the right size diaper. It seems to be those stages when they are right between diaper sizes that are the worst...the smaller size doesn't hold enough and the larger size has too many gaps around their legs for leaks.
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