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Whacky Inventions

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    Hey everybody,put in all the cool technological inventions you have come to know about
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    Solar mobile

    All of today's cell phones are equipped with a rechargeable battery.One of the most important features is how long the battery will hold, both while you are using the phone and while it is on stand-by.Now, Motorola has decided to develop the first cell-phone that is rechargeable on solar energy. Well, it seems like this phone recharges itself taking energy from the sun through its LCD screen. Not to mention that alternative energy sources such as solar energy are the energy sources of the future.
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    Going digital!

    Digital Microscope

    Those who have a hobby out of things like forensics, inspection or jewellery quality this is the perfect gadget. Just connect the USB Digital Microscope to a USB slot in the computer. After that install the software available for the device and all the things you target its lens towards will appear enlarged on the screen of your computer.While doing that the gadget is able to take photos or record videos of the targeted objects.The lens is able to enlarge the objects upto 200x. You can also move the device so that you can get closer to things or enlarge those that are further away from you!
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    Technological book....UUH??

    E-Book Reader

    Reading a book online doesn't give the feeling of holding a real book in our hands, also our eyes get more tired.Now forget all about that because Amazon has released their E-Book Reader. The Mobipocket software with which the gadget is equipped with provides the owner to directly download from the internet to the reader, thus saving precious time and giving the book lover the chance to actually hold something real in their hand when entering the fantasy world of books. For more details check out :
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    Sci-Fi Chair

    After the development of gaming chairs that move according to the games action and computer beds, now G-Tech Neber releases a chair that confirms the theory that sitting correctly on a chair is so overrated. This new Sci-Fi chair gives support to the back, head,hands, wrists, and feet. In other words, the chai is completely ergonomical. Also, having the curved back, the chair gives the oppurtunity to sit in any position.
    It's certainly on as a choice for my birthday gift this year!
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    Anybody remember Apple's "Newton" from 1993? Not really pocket-sized (7.25" x 4.5" x 0.75"), and weighing nearly one full pound, it managed respectable handwriting recognition and had a pretty decent screen.
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    The gadget would have been more attracted to if the name was Newton's apple !!!!(just joking) I think I saw the gadget in a show in a news channel called NDTV. The show is called Gadget Guru.
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    Did you check out the link for Amazon's E-Book Reader that I have given. It really is cool, pantaz!
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    Cell Phones

    I can't think of any other technology that has developed -- and been accepted by the public -- as fast as the cellular telephone.
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    I think that it is a record made and .....well, has been made! That cannnot be broken! Moreover, the cell phones are beggining to become mini-computers, mini-ipods, mini-cameras and mini's of so many other things.The invention of the cell-phone is a revolution!
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    The internet...??
  13. May 2, 2008 #12
    I classify the 'Net more as a collection of technologies, but yeah.

    Wait a minute, this thread is titled "Whacky Inventions"! Let's hear some silly stuff!
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    Hey guys, please don't bring in silly stuff. Then the thread will be closed down! PLEASE!!

    Anyway, the internet certainly diserves to be here. This amazing technology is why the whole world is going on in this pace. Moreover, it is the reason I am typing in this stuff here!
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    I can't think of any, but if you google 'silly japanese inventions' you get a whole bunch.
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    Please do not bring in silly stuff here.Silly stuff is entertained only in the "Silly questions and silly answers" thread.
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    Okay, I'll refrain from any silly stuff and stick to whacky in accordance with the thread title.

    How about the Segway scooter?
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    Segway scooter is cool! This two wheeled, self balancing electric vehicle...ok, ok, write about it yourself. Mention a link also which leads to more info and pics of it , if you can.
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    OKay. The Segway is a self-balancing scooter that runs on electricity. Software controls the wheel movement to keep it balanced upright, and the rider can go forward, backward, or stop just by leaning forward or backward.

    Here's the Wikipedia article, with photos:

    And a Youtube video. Nothing like seeing it in motion:

    edit added: from the Youtube video, you'll see links to lots more Segway videos. Pretty cool stuff.
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    Has it come into the markets? Do you think it is safe?
  21. May 6, 2008 #20


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    According to the Wikidpedia article, they've been available since 2001 or 2002 and cost about $5000 to $6000. As for safety, I've never used one or seen one in person, so I don't know. It looked pretty fun on some of the youtube videos I watched.
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