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Whale spotted in central London

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    Fergie is back?
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    I was really sad to hear it didn't make it. It must of been quite the sight to see.
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    It DIDN'T? I just saw it on the news. Did it die?
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    Yeah apparently it went into convulsions and died while being transported back to the sea on the barge. To bad.
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    i saw the news on that this morning. they were saying it might be sick and things like that. they were even thinking of trucking it but fortunately had a barge. i kind of wonder why a whale would go so far into freshwater like that. like, if it was sick even, why would it do that?
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    I think revenge on whalers for killing their mothers is the number one reason for it.
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    Seven tonnes of yummy good meat!
    The British should be overjoyed.
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    Is Mad Whale Disease contagious?
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