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What about sleeping ?

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    Yes,what about it...?I mean,i just made a calculation that one man,in average for 80 years lived altogether,25 years is not awake (hence aware of what's happening).And if you count the "being drunk" periods,it's even more frightening... :tongue2:
    My question is:"Why does our body need sleep...?"...

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    We need sleep to remember. When we sleep that is when we "save" everything to long term memory. If someone's face is twitching then there is a chance that he/she didn't get enough sleep for many day's. When we sleep there are 2 parts, just the normal relaxation, and then after that it is the "remembering" part. When we do "remembering" that is when we dream.

    There are a few reasons why we sleep
    it is more effieciant to "remember" now then "save"(when sleeping) later- might be false.
    I can only think of one :rofl:

    Anyway sleeping is good because it wastes time :smile:, just like video games :wink:

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    A Person's sleep is actually satisfied by how many hours?
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    Everyone is different. Anywhere from 6 to 10 hrs seems to be in the normal range.
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    I thought it had to do with serotonin levels in your blood that were replenish while you slept. The low amounts told hypothalamus to go to sleep.

    And to conclude that that is how we store memories is wrong. We dont know how or where memories are stored, let alone the process
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    The results are obvious, the conclusion is incomplete

    They havent tried injecting synthetic serotonin into the brain to see how the individual would do
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    Sleep is also the time when the body does most of its repair work; muscle tissue is rebuilt and restored. Growth hormone is secreted during sleep. This hormone is important for growth in children and teens.
    Things like insulin balance are restored so bad sleeping habits can lead to diabetes and weight gain

    sleep info
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    Thats a lot of time spent examining the inside of your eyelids. Your body repairs itself and also balances all the hormones and your body's chemistry. Plus it refreshes you so that you can function correctly. Extreme sleep deprivation can lead to death.
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    Aren't these just all theories? I mean, no one really knows for sure how and why our body needs sleep, Right?
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