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What about this

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    is pure water conductor of electricity or an insulator.why?
    pure water has H-O bonding and as a result it has net dipole moment which will be helpfull for conduction.
    plz ans as iam dying of curiosity.
    iam thankfull for ur ans.kindly go for it!! :confused:
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    No... Pure water is not a conductor

    Yes, water molecules is a dipole, but the dipole won't make water become a conductor.
    In order for a liquid behaves like conductor, that liquid must contain ions (charged particle). The ions move freely inside liquid. While we applied a voltage on a liquid. Positive ions will attracted by anode (the negative end of battery) and negative ions will attracted by cathode (positive end). The movement of ions (charged particle) called current......
    A dipole is a molecule with positive charge at one end and negative charge at the other end. If we applied an (uniform) external electric field on dipole..since it contains both positive and negative charge, the push and the pull force will cancel each other out, the dipole will not attracted by the electric field. Therefore pure water is not a good conductor.
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    thank you.now i understood.
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