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What affect would antigravity have on time?

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    Theoreticly, what affect would antigravity have on time? What I mean is would it send nearby objects BACKWARDS in time, or simply do the INVERSE of normal gravity?
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    Re: Theoreticly...

    It would just be an inverse.
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    Wait a minute, Sikz has an interesting point. Gravity = accelerated motion, and accelerated motion distorts space and time. If antigravity does the inverse of regular gravity in space, then shouldn't it also warp time differently?
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    Yes, it would seem that this different warping of time would be one of two things: Either it would be inverse to gravity's effect, speeding up time relative to the rest of the universe, or it would be utterly opposite, actually moving BACKWARDS through time. It seems that one of these would happen (unless someone else has another possibility), but I'm really not sure which... Any ideas?
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    No, just the direction would alter. But negative energies (or masses) have never been measured, and thus the question is only theoretical. And notice this: if we had a piece with negative mass, and another similar, they would attract to each other the same way the two positive masses do. Repelling effect only takes place when one mass is positive and the other is negative.
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