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What after serway?

  1. Jul 27, 2011 #1
    I have studied the physics content in serway , and ofcourse thats only the most basics of physics, but there are many directions and many theories that i have to study, so i would like you to tell me in what direction i should go to continue studying physics, rather than just opening Wikipedia and searching for theories, as these theories are based on others and also because as in serway i was seeing also the order of time of these theories with a summary of its discoverers, so any suggestions to do or a reference of books to move on with after serway ?
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    Go whichever way you want. And I don't understand what you mean by: "as these theories are based on others"
    All of science builds on previous science, so I don't know what you meant by that.
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    Well, maybe you can read some classical mechanics text? Like "classical mechanics" by Taylor?

    Or perhaps you're ready for the Feynman lectures?
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    I would recommend both of those very highly. Also, if you're looking for modern physics, check out Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers by Thornton & Rex. You really can't go wrong with any of these, depending on the direction you're interested. Serway should be enough background for any of them.
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