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What am I missing? Don't say a word, Evo.

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    I'm not asking for a list of things I'm missing. I have something specific in mind this time.
    I was watching TMZ and they had some picture of a star coming out of a store and you could see a package of stool softener in her bag. they all said "hee hee, we know what that's for" Then once I saw a picture of someone else (B. Spears) buying about 10 boxes of it. What am I missing? What is the secret use of stool softener that I don't know about? I thought it was used for softening stool.
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    I found this on the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stool_softener" [Broken]

    Could that be it?
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    Possibly what NeoDevin suggested...Can't think of much else...wait...no, not getting into that one.
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    A stool softener like Colace is also appropriate for ear wax softening and removal by flushing after break-up. But that only takes a couple of drops an ear. Not 10 bottles.
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    I also think that the hosts were trying to imply that the celebrity was bulimic. Not something to be joking about, if you ask me, but still..
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    :surprised binzing, you are waaay too young to know about that!
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    Boys will be boys.....
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    Lolz...ha ha...and you know I'm thinking of this particular use how?
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    Stool softener is not a laxative. It is uhh ... a stool softener. It is mostly mineral oil.
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