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What am I suppose to do with my ideas?

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    I've got these ideas that seem to cohere with what I've read here from more knowledgable people but I don't know what to do with them. I tried University but it was too hard, with too many extra things that I wasn't interested in and I failed at it. I've still got these ideas that may actually mean something. I could post them here, but they may be valuable and people could steal them. It would be a shame for them to just be wasted if they were actually meaningful.... I'm not the type of person to develop a theory based on mathematics with the ideas like Einstein did but you never know...
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    That is your choice Reflector, I have also approached universities as well. I believe I have a sound model for the underling motion of all things (TEO), luckily for me I know the understanding behind the theory is as important as the actual theory. Therefore with an understanding of the motion of all things it is easier to make sense of the world (although its still requires effort). At the end of the day, I believe if I tell enough people, in enough ways, in enough places, eventually I will meet someone who it will click with. When this happens they will start telling people until enough people gave got the idea.

    When this happens, hopefully there will be great advances in the vicinity of space we call earth, and life will thrive as it should. My suggestion is that you get your ideas down everywhere and every how, see what people say, and refine what you think (remembering this is just a suggestion).

    I am not concerned if someone describes the motion better than I can as there will still be great advances for all!

    If someone is influenced by my contributions and they mention me, that would be cool. As I say, I'm happy I have the understanding.

    In the end your ideas are your ideas, but the where inspired from what you have experienced, one flows into the other, as you say, you never know...
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    You can only test your ideas , by either dialogue or by doing tests yourself.
    If your afraid of other people that eliminates the first , and if you can't afford it it eliminates the second -- you maybe doomed like many others to suffer your knowledge in silence. BUt then 'silence ' is golden to some .
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