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What am I

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    This is a Riddle, one of my own so the answer isn't on the web anywhere and you all will be the first to see it.

    I have 4 legs and a very strong back, my name suggest riding but movement I lack.
    I do work faithful and true, its dangerous and dirty no one would want to do.
    By my strength so much is to be made, though I can be found around many in trade.
    I'm tough and sturdy and I carry weight, I stand up with my brother hard work is our fate.
    Steady I stand beside hard working men, when I'm used up and abused on the job that's at hand.
    I'm humble unnoticed for the job that I do, whole cities and towns I'm a foundation for you.

    What am I :smile:
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    saw horse
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    Bingo, you got it, Solved within an hour. that's pretty good @jedishrfu. the force is strong with this one...lol
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    Nice riddle, reminiscent of the Hobbit game.
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