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What am I?

  1. Nov 12, 2003 #1
    I know this is a bit wierd but often I spent times thinking what the f am I ? At the moment I'm not too happy because school is though and I cant really concentrate on anything.....Why do I exist? Why dont I throw myself in front of a car....I'm not suicidal but sometimes I really just want to sleep for a long time.........

    Now am I insane or just too tired? Maybe I do need help from some philoposhers :smile:

    thx at all
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    Find passion man! There's nothing driving you to do anything so you get get all bent up on life and wondering whats the point. Well there is no point unless you make them. What keeps me going during the day is reading (what you like and not just limited to school work) like comics and philosphy books. Movies, exercise, drawing, poetry, writing and many other possiblitys. Sometimes it's worth it to try and figure out what your plans are for your future. So you can find out what topics in school will interest you the most. Don't think just in terms of money and which job makes the most. Try to find a job, career or business in something you have passion for. The more you let yourself have fun the less serious you look at life. That way failures won't lead to depression or bordem.
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    I quote hendrex "I am who I am thank god I don't know why people just don't understand help them god."
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    Thank you Thanos. I probably found my problem. I spent a whole year in England to study there. Well I'm back now and here is school different. You got less time for yourself. Yesterday I had a bloody bad test about "Lineare Abbildungen" matrix and that stuff. So I had this small depression but I'm feeling better now because I've learnt 1 hour french and made a new pic with Photoshop :smile:

    hey did u know that when a word in french ends with -esse it has to be female and............

    th u very much Thanos
    /me salutes
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