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What? Another site that has debunked physics as we know it?

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    Hilarious! :rofl: Misinformation is becoming an epidemic! This guy trys dismaly to disprove the existence of quarks.
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    Hey, sorry to bring up such an old topic, but well, i am not very well versed in physics, and therefore cannot see the holes in his argument. Could someone please direct me to a book that could possibly help educate me enough so that I could see the validity or lack there of for this argument? I have signifigant math experience so that is not an issue. Or could someone spend a little time disproving it to me? Thank you.
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    The link doesn't work. The site was apparently taken down by the owner, you could not have even read it. :rolleyes:

    From the site:

    Thanks to everyone who viewed my site.
    I'm on to other things now, starting with a much-needed vacation!
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