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What are Charges?

  1. Jul 23, 2008 #1
    I've been working with charges for sometime...but barely have any idea as to what charges are...how do they exist?
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    Hmmm...well...I guess the question I was trying to ask is why are there charges...but there isn't much of an answer to that (after all, science tells the how rather than the why).
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    charge is a fundamental property of matter that is very difficult to describe in physical terms, you find electron , quarks etc have charge , but if you break electron or quarks ( which is a fool thing to say i.e they are elementry particle ) you are not going to find any separate thing like charge. types of charge is some different question that can be described
    as you can call them +tive or -tive as they are antagonastic.But it is totally upon you which you will choose as +tive or -tive.So as by convention we had chosen charge on electron
    as -tive.
    but i don't think that you are asking any thing about the types of charge , but you are looking for true meaning of charge.But i don't think that any one can fully describe it in physical terms.
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