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What are delta bonds?

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    Hey, could anybody plz explain what are delta bonds, how and why are they formed?
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    You know what sigma bonds are, a bond between two s-orbitals, or between an s-orbital and a p-orbital, etc? And a pi bond is between two p-orbitals, or between two lobes of d-orbitals, right? A delta bond is between all four lobes of two d-orbitals. Fairly rare and not a very strong interaction from what I understand.
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    Could you give some examples plz? And are their any other sort of bonds, other than sigma, pi and delta? If so, could you explain them too, plz?
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    :smile: Perhaps a type between f-orbitals? :redface:
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    Hey, I was just asking a question as we have bonds involving s, p and d orbitals, so why not f orbitals? And plz, could you give me some delta bonds examples?
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    The only example of a delta bond that comes to mind is 6d(delta symbol)g.
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    I found this link:

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quadruple_bond" [Broken]
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