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What are EFE solutions

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    hi every, what part of EFE are the solutions (such as kerr ) for. Since most of them if not all dont require a mass or energy In there metric equation. I always just assume it was a solution to the metric tensor. Though i do know that the swartzschild metric requires a value for mass in its swartzschild radius.
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    so also i have been reading that ds^2 is the an invariant in a solution metric what does that mean and what could be a geometric interpretation ds^2 in a metric.
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    The metric tensor is always the solution to the EFEs. I don't understand your question: what do you mean by 'what "part" of the EFEs is the kerr metric a solution for'? The Kerr metric is a vacuum solution to the EFEs for spherically symmetric and stationary (but not necessarily static) sources.

    The line element ##ds^{2}## can be viewed as an infinitesimal arc-length. It is invariant in the sense that it is independent of the choice of coordinates.
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    As WannabeNewton mentioned, the goal of solving the EFE is to obtain the metric. Once you have that it is an easy computation to obtain either the curvature or the stress-energy tensor.

    The ones that you mention do require a stress-energy tensor, just they are dealing with the specific case of vacuum so the stress-energy tensor is 0.
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