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What are gravitational waves?

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    Helo everybody..good evening sir ..
    this ismy first post and i just finish High school and thinking about going to a college..
    i'm just wondering what are gravitational waves./thx.
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    Welcome to PF :)
    Gravitational waves are ripples in the space time. Moving masses like stars and black holes do create the gravitational wavers. They are not yet detected physically but it is just a concept stated by Einstein in his theory of relativity. Well, you can go google it for more info and if you have any more doubts, free feel to drop them here :)
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    thank you.:smile: (even though i didn't understand it , looking forward to learn about these.)
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    Its k.. Yo will get it in the process....I don't think you can understand the terms at the initial stage itself !! Keep posting :)
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