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What are journals for?

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    what they are for? and can we write whatever we want there even what we are not allowed to write in forums?
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    It's as our guidelines state:
    Does any of that need further clarification for you?
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    Here's a journal-related idea.

    While composing a reply in a thread, it might be nice to be able to [at a push of a button] temporarily save the current draft of the reply as a private entry in one's blog/journal.... to be continued later.

    Sometimes I start a reply, but then feel that I'm not ready to post it yet. It would be nice to conveniently save my work for later. [To cut down on possible clutter, maybe these temporary entries might be set to be deleted after (say) a week after being untouched or deleted manually.]

    ..just an idea.
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    you have a heart of gold!
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