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What are logarithms used for?

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    What are logarithms used for?
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    If u have plotted logarithm at any point of time , u might have noticed that it grows very slowly ....
    This property of log is extensively utilised ....
    Any dense set of values when plotted with their logarithm spread out ....
    This technique is used during imaging of the "fourier transform of an image"
    also in many signal analysis ... like frequency analysis or power spectrum analysis ...

    -- AI
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    The inverse function to an exponential function, f(x)= ax, is the logarithm, f-1(x)= loga(x).

    logarithms are used to solve equations in exponentials:

    If 3x= 30, then x= log3[/sup](30) which, since your calcuator does not have a "log3" key, is the same as (log1030)/(log103) or (ln 30)/(ln 3).
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    At physics, the logarithm in base e is the most used, since the integral of dx/x is that.
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