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I What are partial differential equations?

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    Correct, and only in this case, with many variables, does it make sense to talk about partial derivatives.
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    the "wave equation" and
    the "heat equation "

    are such types of equations right ?
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    This quote is missing context. In general , derivatives aren't about how point mass quantites change.

    Do a web search for "wave equation" and "heat equation".
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    What is a differential equation ?

    It is an equation involving an unknown function (solution) and its derivatives


    This much is OK , right ?
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    If you're interested in differential equations, get a textbook or look at an online course. Any textbook on differential equations will have a definition of the term, as will online sites such as Wikipedia.
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    The answer to your question is true. For example, U(x,t) is a function that depends on x and t. X and t are independent. Do you think is possible for a dependent function to have derivatives as functions?
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