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What are pipelining techniques?

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    What is pipelining techniques ?

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    The easiest analogy is to talk about an assembly line.
    At the end of every clock cycle one simple task has been performed. 1 will also have been completed. Without pipelining it would take many clock cycles to complete one task.

    What do you mean by techniques? It depends dramatically on what you are doing. Adding two floating point numbers will be broken down quite differently than lets say an add instruction for an integer.
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    After I read some of my articles again, I think I still donot understand about pipelining much, it is still very vague to me, I am sorry I made a wrong question. Therefore, instead of saying techniques, would Goalie_ca tell me what word can i use to make it right ? And would you also give me some explanations on some of pipeling ----s you will mention ?
    Thanks a lot in advance,
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    Thank Goalie_Ca a lot, (smile)
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