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What are some effective ways to get a woman?

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    effective ways to get a woman
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    Be someone that people--not just women--want to be around.
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    This is NOT one of them.
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    To "get" a woman?
    Step one : change your attitude to meet standards of the 21st century.
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    Learn PUA stuff, the mentality and attitude behind it, if one dont like discos, dating sites can be very useful, one has to learn to filter fake ones, then try enough times to stop worry on the date, be relaxed, dont fear to advance.
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    A big net
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    to do what?
    - make dinner.
    - wash the car.
    - take out the trash.
    - quit nagging.

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    You actually joined a physics forum for the very purpose of asking how to get a woman??
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    The guy thinks nerds got class! :DD
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    Or he wanted some nerdy pick-up lines...

    If you do, do not use: "Hey gurl, my whole world revolves around you", because it implies she's fat.
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    Calling her attractive is bad for the same reason.
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    The internet. Or you could just drive around in a nice (but sketchy) used van and advertise free puppies or free candy. Im sure you could get (lure) women that way.
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    Historically the most efficient method is to storm their village late at night with overwhelming numbers and slaughter all of their men. You don't want to leave their men alive, or else you end up with the whole Hellenistic war thing.

    Either that or simply buy her from her father if you're into the whole traditional marriage as defined by the bible thing.
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    Why is this question even being asked to begin with? This question, and others like it, make the assumption that somehow all women are essentially alike (and so one "technique" of "getting" a woman will work for all women), when women (like men) can differ substantially among each other in practically all aspects.

    Maybe I'm in an especially irritable mood today, but this question for some reason is really getting under my skin and annoying me!
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    Because we're being trolled and can't resist taking the bait? I mean it's not like the OP put any effort into his question. Didn't even bother to write an entire sentence.
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    "You are my density..." :biggrin:
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    "I simultaneously love and don't love you.... Maybe I should let you out of the box"
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    New T-shirt slogan:

    "Everything I know about women, I learned at Physics Forums."
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