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What are some great geek getaways?

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    I really need vacation, and I'd like to go somewhere that has the most edifying potential. European vacations are great (I'm in the US), but they are so at a considerably high cost; also, I'd really like to get away from the pace of my normal life.

    I was thinking of something like New Mexico Skies for the following reasons: It has edifying potential (worthwhile observations, ccd imaging, etc.), it's relatively secluded (relaxing), and it's relatively inexpensive (I could go there a few times per year).

    Any other ideas for getaways that satiate the geeks in us? Anything that doesn't include a morning trip to Starbucks and traffic is great, but I want to learn something new.

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    i would most certainly recommend the US Virgin Islands. Best vacation i ever had was there and I've been to many tropical places.
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    Apart from being a great city to visit, San Francisco has the Exploratorium, as well as the nearby http://www.lbl.gov/Community/tours.html [Broken]. A beautiful three hour drive down the coast on Pacific Coast Highway will also get you to the incredible Monterey Bay Aquarium. (Be sure to stop at the farmstands along the road for fresh fuit, picked that day, to take on the drive.)
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    come to portland, oregon we have one of the biggest and best bookstores in the country


    we also have one of the best parks systems in the country to read all your new books, and have one of the largest parks within a city limit (Forest Park)

    truly, portland is a great nerdy place to be
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    Thanks for all the suggestions. The resonating theme is that there's simply more things to do in the west :). This isn't surprising considering I'm marooned in the central southwest.

    I've actually long wanted to live in Portland; one of my top choices along with Seattle and the surrounding areas.
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