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What are tags

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    I'm an old fart new to this new fangled computer thing. Could someone tell me what the "Tags" at the bottom of create thread page is used for? thx
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    Tags are used for searching. I tried finding where in the advanced search you can look for them but I didn't see it.

    Edit: By clicking on a Tag, you can see all the other threads that have that tag. You can also subscribe to a tag type so that you get an alert when someone creates a new thread with that tag.
    See this link: https://www.physicsforums.com/tags/
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    Yes, but how does that apply to writing a post, as a mechanic I have to know just what my tools are for, I am unclear what to use tags are for in writing a post.
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    This thread is about tags, so adding a tag "tag" would be a reasonable thing to do.
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    They are mainly just a way of marking up a thread for others. They have no impact on the thread.
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    "I see", said the blind man, "I'm an analog man living in a digital world" , but I'm learning new stuff every day, thanks for clearing that up.
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    Tags help categorize and keyword label threads.
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    Also known as Metadata. :oldsmile:
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