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Homework Help: What are the applications of Damped Oscillation and in future how it can be used?

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    I've been researching on Damped Oscillation (in vibrations) for a few days for a research paper, however I couldn't find any applications. I would be very thankful if anyone can tell me about its applications.
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    Every time you ride in a car or a bus, the suspension system uses shock absorbers (or dampers in the UK parlance) of one form or another to keep the passengers from bouncing around continuously every time the vehicle goes over a bump. If these devices weren't employed, vehicles would become hard to control going over rough surfaces, as the amplitude of the oscillations would take a very long time to diminish.

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    I believe it's used to detect broken strands of steel wire concealed deep within the huge cables supporting suspension bridges.
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    Analog measuring instruments used in mechanical and electrical enginnering
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    application in dynamic stabily of aircraft.espically in lateral directional mode eg- dutch roll unstable aircraft..rectify by dampers
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