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What are the areas of mathematics and physics used in these fields?

  1. Jun 22, 2011 #1
    I know some of these involve general physics (looking for specifics), logic, game theory and game semantics, but what fields of mathematics and physics are primarily used in each of the following scientific and social subjects? I’m trying to figure out which of the below fields would interest me the most and I’d like to know what each involve.

    Biology -

    Biochemistry -

    Criminal Science -

    Forensics -

    Computer Science -

    Liberal Arts -

    Electrical engineering -

    Political Sciences -

    Chemistry -

    Transportation engineering -

    Robotics -

    Business management -

    Cybernetics -

    Communications engineering –

    Environmental/survival training -

    Synthetics/material sciences and engineering -

    Strategy -

    Mechanical engineering -

    Security Systems Engineering -

    Aerospace Engineering -

    Sports management -

    Medical Sciences -

    Inductive and Deductive Reasoning -
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