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What are the blue labels?

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    I have just noticed little blue labels alongside certain pasts and when you click on them you get some keywords. I can see words that look to me equally key that have no labels. If this is because the list is not complete, then when it is most posts will have a label so then there would be little point in it.

    What is the idea or criterion? :confused:
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    Those are posts that people have added tags to. You can add tags to posts too, if you think they are worth making more searchable with keywords. Just scroll down a little and look for the box that says tags and then to the right it says "edit tags." You can click that and add some.
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    Thank you.
    Gosh, has that always been there? I only noticed them yesterday. :blushing: Well it is quite a pale blue.

    I did a tag search for something that is not there and got something called a 'tag cloud'. :blushing: What's a tag cloud?
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