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Homework Help: What are the effects of changing the speed of alternator?

  1. Jan 25, 2017 #1
    <Mentor note: Moved from a technical forum, therefore no template.>
    consider a situation;

    case 1: there is an alternator say 5KVA, 1500rpm, 50Hz, 400V.
    If I run the generator's shaft at 1500rpm - it will have the capacity to produce 5KVA and generatted voltage will be 400V with 50Hz.

    case 2: if i run at 2000 rpm what will be effect on power, freq and voltage?

    case 3:if i run at 1000 rpm what will be effect on power, freq and voltage?

    can anyone help me out with above questions with explanations?

    thanks for your valuable answer
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