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Homework Help: What are the first and second derivatives of the function

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    What are the first and second derivatives of the function


    How do i find them, do i use the quotient rule or do i change it to

    f(x)=(3-x)*(2x+5)^-1 and use the product rule?
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    Personally I like the product rule better, but you get the same answer either way, so use whichever one you prefer.
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    I think i got it

    f'(x)= -11(2x+5)^-2
    f''(x)= 44(2x+5)^-3

    but does anyone know of a web site where i can type in the function and it will show me all the max, mins, asymptotes, holes, cusps ...
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    You made a mistake when you combined your terms in the first deriv., & therefore the 2nd is wrong too.
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    How are roy's answers incorrect?

    f'(x)= -11(2x+5)^-2
    f''(x)= 44(2x+5)^-3

    -11 times the quantity (2x+5) to the power of -2 is the correct answer as seen http://home.twmi.rr.com/faust9/calc problem.jpg

    roy's answer could be written:

    f'(x)= -11/(2x+5)^2
    f''(x)= 44/(2x+5)^3

    and it would be equivalent to what he has above.
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    Sorry those are not incorrect
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