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What are the Opportunities?

  1. Aug 25, 2008 #1
    What are the Opportunities??

    Im currently pursuing a dual degree of MSc Physics+Chemical Engineer.I would like to know what are fields i can enter in my future which have applications of both to a good extent.Also i would like to know the kind of jobs/companies which require knowledge of these two fields.
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    Re: What are the Opportunities??

    I've never heard of a "dual" M.Sc. before. Do you mean that you're M.Sc. is in physics, but crosses over into chemical engineering? Or vice versa? Or do you mean that you're pursuing a B.Sc in chem eng and hoping to get into a physics M.Sc. program?

    Either way, I suppose it doesn't matter. I would assume that there would be lots of opportunities for someone with such a background: especially in areas like physical chemisty and materials science. What does your thesis project involve?
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    Re: What are the Opportunities??

    thanks Choppy tht u visited my query.And yeah i shud have been more clearer abt the the dual degree, one of the two degrees of my dual degree is
    MSc Physics and the other is Chemical Engg.The subjects i will be doin all the subjects of a MSc Physics degree and all the subjects of a chemical engg degree.5 years is the duration of this degree.
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