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What are the statuses of Silicene and Graphene for real world circuit production?

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    A lot of hype is out there about both of them (especially the latter) and I was wondering if there is more concrete information about them other than the news IBM posted on a circuit 2 years ago and the patent war about Graphene transistors involving Samsung and IBM among others. Also, what's up with Silicene? Is it of any importance or is the hype there only because it is based on Si?
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    Hype or not hype, the amount of money required to integrate them into semiconductor industry is huge due to the extremely difficult manufacture process. This factor alone stops them to replace traditional silicon, until silicon process can not be used with satisfactory result.
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    It sounds right, though it might not be long that might be needed and hence to need a new basis, since I've heard Intel only talks about ~10nm confidently. Adding some hype into it, it might be only next iteration of shrinking that they'll start not being able to shrink properly anymore. It already appears they need more than 5 years to make computers noticeably faster (in past decades it only took a year to double their performance).
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