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What are we searching for ?

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    By my imagination we will never be able to know how universe got created even if we get something out of LHC because we will be still asking how did the particles formed, how did Higgs boson formed, where did that come from , we will be always looking for answers & we will go deep in that but still we will be asking "HOW did that particular thing came into existence" , we will never know how deep the hole goes coz if we say everything came from nothing then how did that nothing came . I think its better to manipulate what we have got rather than searching for GOD
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    I fail to see how searching for the mechanisms behind discoverys means searching for god. Maybe we will never see how deep the rabbit hole goes, but I think that a unified understanding of all or most of the phenomenon in our universe will eventually be found. As long as we as a society can stay civil long enough for the physicists to figure it out.
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    I think mkbh was using god in the same manner as Einstein - rather than meaning a diety, it is more meant to represent the deepest fundamental nature of the universe; "god doesn't play dice" is a good example of this, saying the laws of nature do not involve probability.

    It seems to me that mkbh argues that as a species we're constantly looking for deeper fundamental levels of physics, and we always shed another skin of the onion, so to speak, only to reveal something deeper, without reaching an end. I think he argues that we'll never reach the end and 'find god', so instead we should be content with our current understanding.
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    What do you mean by "manipulate what we've got rather then searching for God"?

    If it means what I think it does, we are manipulating what we've got whilst also finding out new 'stuff'.
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    That's what I meant , we don't know how deep we will go but one thing is sure we will never be content with the depth
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    I see no proof that the nature of our world is infinitely complex. We are only just coming to the point were our social situations and technological abilities are allowing us to probe fundamentally the nature of the universe.

    Just because the world is very complex, doesn't mean that it is infinitely so. What you are saying may very well be true but there is no proof or evidence that it is so. We have only been practicing modern physics for a few generations.

    I am hopeful (maybe naively so) that one day if the modern world holds out, if we as a species choose life over our darker evolutionary traits, then we may very well come to some fundamental understanding.
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