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What are you currently reading?

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    So, what are you currently reading?

    Is it good? Bad?

    I'm currently reading "God in the Equation" by Powell.

    It's alright I guess. I haven't read a Physics/Cosmology book in a long time so it's ok. I would read two of them in a row.

    Since I'm almost done I'll be looking for another book to read soon. I have no idea what I plan on reading next. It might just be another Asimov book. Who knows.
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    I'm reading Quincunx right now, and it's piqued my curiosity so far. I like the writing style and the characters, but I still don't know what the book is about or how to situate my perspective just yet. It's jumped from one scene to what I think is a flashback. I actually picked it up from the Harvard Coop last summer because I liked the cover. Turns out it's a national best seller, and even the cashier commented that it was great. Hopefully it'll turn out so!

    btw, if you're looking for a neat book that has a science/philosophy taste, check out Peter Pesic's Seeing Double. It's a short, but thorough examination into the nature of identity, "the separateness and connection of individuals," that draws on quantum theory, philosophy, and literature.
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    I read my text books, becuase thats all I have time to read.
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    I just finished reading Angels and Demons, it was pretty good...though not as accurate as it claims to be
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    Im currently reading a jumble of books. Im almost done with Lanau's Mechanics text, still have awhile on Bohm's Quantum Theory and a Geometric Algebra text I've been slowly working through. However, I don't have much time for outside reading with my studies.
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    I've been reading Men of Mathematics, which I really like. For school I've been reading Frankenstein. I am sure everyone or at least most people have read that. And I have read just a little bit of Journey Through Genius, but I am just going to wait to finish Men of Mathematics or Frank. before devoting my time to reading Joureny Through Genius (and ofcourse school.)
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    I just finished The Bromeliad series by Terry Pratchett. Like all of his other books, it was very good.

    As for text books, it's currently Elementary Principles of Chemical Processess
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    Just a few pages into ayn rand's atlas shrugged
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    just a thousand pages to go...
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    I'm reading Dune, its good!!
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    Beauvoir. Second Sex.
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    Godel, Escher Bach.
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    I've still gotta finish that one. Funny, I was able to use it for a paper, but I haven't finished it yet, even the sections I pulled quotations from.
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    Currently reading two things:

    Iain Banks - The Business
    Rather entertaining so far, I read quite a few of his other books at uni and just got lent this. I don't know if I'm expecting a major twist at the end like with The Wasp Factory or A Song of Stone, but it's keeping me entertained thus far.

    Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall - The River Cottage Yearbook
    I love this dude. Although it's sold as a cookery book, there are probably only 50 recipes out of 400 pages, and many of these are a bit too gruesome for me to even dare try and eat, let alone cook. But there are huge sections on how to select and grow your own vegetables, and how to select and rear your own livestock. And then how to butcher it, and prepare it for eating. Also quite a good bit about eating from the wild, - not in a Ray Mears kind of way, but in a forraging-for-mushrooms and hunting rabbits kind of way. Definitely one for people like Wolram to have a look at, I think.
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    The latest Flint & Drake Belisarius novel, The Dance of Time, a wonderful sf series IMHO, and Hausman & McPherson's Economic Analysis, Moral Philosophy, and Public Policy, which I saw recommended online. It's good, and clear on the way philosophers reason about real things.
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    I'm nearly finished Dan Brown's 'Digital Fortress'. Really good read! And then I've got one of his other books, Deception Point, to read.

    And I also have a few geography textbooks that I enjoy reading every now and then.
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    Just picked up The Da Vinci Code...101 pages into it
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    So did Dan Brown really copy?
  21. Apr 9, 2006 #20
    I read that book in one sitting on the way back from poland on the plane :tongue2:

    It was interesting enough for me to not put it down for ten hours (except to eat something and to use the restroom). However, it had a few dull moments spanning over a few pages.
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