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What are you most afraid of?

  1. Aug 5, 2004 #1
    For me it would be the future.
    The thought i get at the end of a day that I have one less day to live is a miserable and choking one that's very hard to deal with, especially for an athiest who thinks that the 'afterlife' and 'religion' are merely mechanisms to allow humans not to think about the full consequences of death.
    How do you guys cope with that?

    What are you most afraid of?
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    Not being able to look at things simply.
  4. Aug 5, 2004 #3
    Not being able to see - really see - the simple things in Life.
  5. Aug 5, 2004 #4
    I am most afraid of out living my children or grandchildren.
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    Can't decide whether mortality or immortality is a scary thing.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I always most feared being captured and tortured; as in a war. I grew up listening to what happened to our guys captured in Vietnam. I also expected to go myself [in a few years] when, after nearly two decades, it ended. If people are appalled at the treatment of Iraqi soldiers, or even the beheadings or ours and other people in Iraq, check into what happened to our soldiers in Nam. In many cases death was a blessing. As a teenager, looking forward to this possibility was not a nice thing. It never occurred to me that I would never go.
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    The opposite of war is not peace- it's renewal.
    (can't remember the author who said this right now)
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    Hi All,

    Hmm, perhaps my greatest fear is becoming homeless.

    After that our society coming to an abrupt end, not so much by natural disaster, but a human made one. Meaning another economic depression, that could ignite a civil war in the US. The domino effect of that would cause all US foreign interests and presence to dissolve.

    Would the UN be strong enough to keep world order elsewhere, without the US? Or would that trigger the often cited "New World Order" to rear it's head and take hold.

    That's my second greatest fear.
  10. Aug 5, 2004 #9
    Loneliness. I like to be around people who I can talk to, and about issues that I like to talk about. Not very many people I know of in real life like to talk to me about the philosophical implications of quantum theory :frown:, the ones that I do occasionally meet are rare to me and I try to spend as much time around them as possible.
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    That's some heavy stuff there Man! Slip-sliding away!
  12. Aug 5, 2004 #11
    There are certain things I worry most about, and there are other things that I don't expect but would fear the most if it ever did.

    The ones I usually fear is:

    Being lonely
    Being stupid
    Getting a nice and meaningful job (which I suspect I won't now)
    Broke and homeless
    Hurting others
    Speaking up high
    Also that my mom would die. I don't live at her house, but it's the person I'm definetaly closest to, and she's very good and I don't trust anyone else more than her.

    The basic terror is just:

    Torture. A very underestimated thing. And I don't worry about being dead, as then I see myself not existing anyway. The scary part is living Much, not being non-existant or dying)
    Manic Depression. I believe that Mental torture can be as bad as physical, although it's still a very uhm unadventured landscape.
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    Hey, some mental states are actually an escape from a greater fear. Like the way some homeless deal with situations by drinking. It's weird how many different levels of fear we can experience...
  14. Aug 5, 2004 #13
    What are you most afraid of?[/QUOTE]

    being bored!
    dieing, and giving up the fight!... in the battle-field of life.
  15. Aug 5, 2004 #14
    loseing hope that some day I'll actually make something of myself
  16. Aug 5, 2004 #15
    Oh man! Suck it in Soldier! No battle happening here. :approve:
  17. Aug 5, 2004 #16
    Now THAT'S a fear I can sink my teeth into: the fear of success! It's a fear born from the millenium. Corporate society and modern life - bring it on! :devil:
  18. Aug 5, 2004 #17


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    my children or husband becoming terminally ill...
  19. Aug 5, 2004 #18

    when i was aware that my fear is controlling my life instead of me controlling my own life and being so pathetic and helpless to allow that happens. fortunately, i am aware of this.
  20. Aug 5, 2004 #19
    I am most afraid of actually finding something that I am really afraid of. Right now I am not afraid of anything. I learned a long time ago that fear is the battle lost. It is the spiritual equal of defeat. Fear warps reality, and shifts our ability to perceive drastically, and in dangerous situations, our perceptions are extremely important. An open mind runs better, than a fearful mind, in every form of endeavor.
  21. Aug 5, 2004 #20
    I fear of choice. The choice of my dreams doing what I want or the choice of my visions doing what i need.
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