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What are you studying and why?

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    My mind wants to be curious so I have to go along with it. I'm studying chemsitry, specifically, chemical thermodynamics. I want to be a chemical engineer so must go threw this "mental beatdown" and learn all these things. I'm also trying to study the patterns of the Dragon boss in Ninja Gaiden because it is whipping my ***! Please share.......
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    Right now I'm studying dynamics (moving stuff), stress analysis, and organic chemistry.
    I'm also studying the map of Vice City
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    Physics, because it's a lot of fun. And, in my spare time, my man Andy Roddick's forehand.

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    In my mis-spent youth, the compound curves on the body of Farrah Fawcett were what I devoted myself to studying. I guess that's what got me to where I am today.

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    I'm studying sonography, usually called "ultrasound" or "diagnostic imaging." This field is being converted to a more research-oriented role, and I'm barely getting in under the wire under the old rules. Two years' study, start at $50K, security, respect, make a difference at someone's low point! I've done everything from migrant work to senior science editor at a big university. I worked in a factory where I got sprayed in the face daily with acid droplets that felt like ants biting. I urge everyone who can, to get into something steady, and pursue any poorly paid interests on the side. ALLIED HEALTH is a very good way to go. Are you listening, you intelligent but impractical kiddies?
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    I'm studying the Riemann hypothesis. Not sure why, it just seems fascinating.
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    Applied Maths and Physics, because apparently you can get a decent job at the end of it. That's the idea anyway.
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    there is also a $1 million prize for solving/proving Riemann

    http://www.claymath.org/Millennium_Prize_Problems/ [Broken]
    http://www.claymath.org/millennium/Riemann_Hypothesis/ [Broken]
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    I like to investigate simple solutions to the crucial problems of physics (through my webpage, below). My mixture of naivete and intelligence facilitates otherwise overlooked associations.
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    This semester I'm taking Physics 2 and Industrial Electronics, which has a section on robotics that I am looking forward to.

    As for why, I need a degree to advance in my occupation as a Mechanical Engineer.
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