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What are you studying?

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    I would really like to know what you are studying or what you have studied?
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    I am studying Civil Engineering, soon i will graduate, less than a year!! :biggrin:
  4. Jun 25, 2008 #3
    I am currently entering my second year, and hope to be accepted into the Biotechnology Program - if not I will still take the necessary courses and then try and get accepted again next year.

    So I guess I will just say Biotechnology :).
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    I'm studying electrical engineering, next year will be my second year. It just gets tougher but more fun and challenging.
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    Life Contingencies
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    Am I really the first physics major to post in this thread?
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    I'll be the second then. Just started chiseling away at my PhD degree (HEP-Th)
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    And I'll be the third. I have a BS in physics. Also I'm a couple classes short of a chemistry degree, and a few meters short of the runway.
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    That actually made me laugh :rofl:.
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    LOL, lisab's a supermodel eh?
  12. Jun 25, 2008 #11
    General Education (on summer break).

    Most currently, the hole in my sock.
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    Mostly I study cooking. And game strategies. I like languages as well, mostly machine ones because they tend to obey better than humans... well most of the time. Isn't studying what we all spend our entire life on anyway ? Well, you see, physics geeks are normal people after all :uhh:
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    I am in my last year of engineering science, which means I study physics, chemistry, math, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering.

    Though for grad school I am undecided between chemical, mechanical, biomedical, and electrical engineering, materials science, physics, and med school.

    So I get around
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    :rofl: !
  16. Jun 26, 2008 #15
    General relativity and quantum field theory
  17. Feb 1, 2009 #16
    studying mechatronics engineering this year!(first year)
  18. Feb 1, 2009 #17
    *high five* me too lol
  19. Feb 2, 2009 #18
    Finished my BSc in Aeronautical Engineering in 2005. Now working as a system engineer for a design company.
  20. Feb 2, 2009 #19
    The nice thing is that even after your formal studies are finished you never stop learning.Without the constaints of a syllabus to follow you can concentrate on just the things that interest you.
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    You forgot about the constraint of a job, and you know... life. For most people, a steady can lead to good things. But if you're all over the place, good luck studying.

    I'm in graduate school for mathematics (number theory).
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