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What are you using for IDE?

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    I'd like to know what most of the PFers use for IDE while programming. It's of no great importance to me, however I'd like to know. I'm using emacs for java, and bash. Radasm for asm, and notepad for website designs.
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    Notepad isn't an IDE. :smile: And while emacs does have IDE features, I've only used it as an editor.

    Eclipse is a nice (free!) IDE for java. I think it's editor is decent for raw HTML as well. (But then again, so is emacs) I think it's C/C++ support is fairly clunky, but I haven't looked at it in a while.
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    I use Kate (KDevelop's text editor, run seperately from KDevelop) for most everything. Not the full IDE, just the part that is useful to me.

    I also like bluefish for some things.
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    Eclipse, VS 2005, Dev-C++, MM Flash 8.
    Why do you use notepad for site design Heartless? A WYSIWYG editor will increase your productivity levels and allow you to create better looking sites. For site design i use DreamWeaver 8 in split mode, with both the design and code views on, so that you get the best of both worlds. Notepad is very plain and not good on the eyes. Auto-identing, key word coloring and intelli-sense will only help you, they're not your enemies. I only use notepad for quick code edits.
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    I use either TextPad (on Windows) or nedit (on *nix). I don't really use any IDEs at all.

    - Warren
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    Eclipse for Java.

    Dev-C++ for small C++ projects
    Visual Studio for larger C++ projects

    SharpDevelop for small .NET (mainly C#) projects
    VS .NET for larger .NET projects

    And who never uses notepad??
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