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What asset should a person possess

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    What asset should a person possess to bring spirituality and feeling of blessing of GOD
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    I am confused with your question. Are you talking about a materialistic possession, or a trait/attribute of human character?
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    With an ideal God, none. But in practice varies with arrogance of respective religion.
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    I agree.
    I think that the core issue is this: be charitable with what you have.
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    The way I read it, this is not a question of religion, but one of biology. There is an identifiable set of brain activities associated with spiritual feelings. Some typical triggers of such brain activity include meditation, certain drugs, and epileptic seizures. Assuming the last two are off limits, then, I would say the best asset for one to have to attain spiritual feelings is a tranquil, meditative mindset.
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    the only answer to a question about life/god/existence is that there is no answer. we each find our unique way of being.

    then again $1,000,000 would make this life easier,
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    we can be true to ourselves, but what if the situation demands opposite
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    for me, that is the most important time to be faithful to yourself.

    if we, in any way, block our true feelings, ideas, beliefs and/or senses we risk physical or emotional illness.

    tis better to risk bad consequences in a situation than to diminish self. after all, the bad consequence might be exactly what we need to make a major advance in our life.

    how many great ideas, inventions and artistic breakthroughs came after failures.

    so, if i misspeak or misact and incur the wrath of society, it is the consequence of my personal truth. i will learn to adjust my views/actions and move on to my next challenge. this can be as simple as how to have a successful relationship with other people OR as grandiose as finding the missing ingredient in einstein's equation.

    peace and love,
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    How about the feeling that we are empty and of ourselves we could add nothing? Or else what would we receive?
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    The most important asset is the ability to instinctively slap whenever provoked. Unfortunately, this absolutely vital tool for the development of conscience, which affects our spiritual development, is seriously undermined by this silly idea that we have to tolerate bullcrap from others. Either that or I would appreciate help so that I no longer WANT TO SLAP whenever I envision the stupidity of this guy repeating what I said to him and being so happy as if he figured it all out while squinting at me. I want to slap when I sit down, eat, close a door, whaaa

    But, er. I really want to know your take on whether or not punching people whenever they do something stupid is good. Do you take into consideration the fact that holding back hands eager to strangle a perpetrator might be uh... cultivating stupidity, both in yourself and the bad bad person?

    I think what kept me from slapping him was society. We should do away with society so that I may be true to myself. And I think I know how to accomplish this. When flirting with a pretty girl and she smiles with her mouth open at you and you see missing teeth in her mouth, you become the 324th Pokemon, in which case you will be one with God.

    Did you know that flouride is actually BAD for your teeth? They say they like pink elephants, but apparently they understand the steps towards transforming us into Pokemon #324 needed.
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    Of course there's always the option of making like the other guy, and cultivating "the innuendo." :wink:
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    I still prefer violence.
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