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What book to study to prepare for IT Mathematics?

  1. Jun 9, 2015 #1
    goging back to university this year and been a while since i was a school so i need to brush up on my maths skills before. was decent at maths at school basically average the program im going to study includes a course in IT Mathematics. What books do you guys recommend i should be reading before hand?

    below is what is going to be covered
    Set Theory/Logic.
    Sets, relations, equivalence relations and partitions, partial ordering, inverse relations, composition of relations, applications of relations to databases, predicate logic as a language, methods of proof, mathematical induction. Boolean algebra, equivalent boolean expressions..

    Basic probability to iclude axioms, independent events, conditional probability and some probabilty distributions..

    Functions as a special case of relations, Injective, surjective and bijective functions, one-sided inverses, inverse functions, polynomials and the remainder theorem. Domain and range of functions. Inequalities..

    Limits & Continuity.
    Simple finite and infinite limits. Simple tests to establish if piecewise-defined functions are continuous..

    Techniques of differentiation (first principles, product, quotient and chain rules) and integration (substitution and integration-by-parts). Curve sketching, optimisation and area under the curve applications..
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